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I’m Katie. You’re You. I find out what you think about when you think about your business.  I borrow your dreams and ambitions, transform them into creative, thoughtful designs, and hand you back your new brand.

There’s a little more to it – and me – but that’s what the Work With Me and About pages are for.
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logo & brand identity for charm house boutique





I am all too familiar with the fears that accompany those who dare to start their own business. Thoughts such as these creep in on a regular basis:

  • “Will people take me seriously?“
  • “Will I be able to sustain this long-term?“
  • “How will I make myself stand out from every other business in my industry?“

These are common – and normal - thoughts. But you’re already on the right track; you’ve decided to make this your business, your livelihood. While many people dream about starting their own business, far fewer make it happen. You deserve praise for getting this far.

But a business demands more from you than a hobby or side project. 
The first person to take you seriously should be you.



  • You have a perfectly put-together brand that accurately captures and represents who YOU are as a business.
  • You feel confident enough to refer to “my business” rather than “oh, just something I, er, do, er, it’s nothing, really..."
  •  Your website is functioning as a successful promotional tool, showcasing your business, reaching more people and attracting clients. It is NOT under construction!
  • People are commenting on your blog posts and sharing your social media posts.
  • You have much needed credibility and your business is finally represented the way you have always envisioned.
  • You also have fun making all of this happen. You really do! 


You have worked far too hard to have someone dismiss you based solely on the physical appearance of your blog, website or store. Sadly, however, that is the reality. With so many small businesses and blogs popping up on the web, it is imperative to have a strong visual presence in order to stand out and gain recognition. 

A well-crafted visual presence is no longer a luxury. It is a necessity.

Give your business the strong visual presence it deserves.

"Doers" vs. Dreamers

YOU have the power to make your business GREAT!

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