Who’s Katie?

I’m a designer: did this website, actually. 
I’m a mom: Ayla and Charlie are my world.
I'm a wife: Reegan (my husband) is incredibly patient with my creative personality.
I’m me. And I’m really good at all those things I just listed.

What Katie Did...

I started small and grew. From wedding stationary all the way to The Devil Wears Prada my climb through the fashion industry, I've designed so many amazing things!

As the years passed, I fell more and more in love with design. With experience, however, comes expectation. The more I created, the more I wanted to create. I had ideas I needed to turn into goals, and dreams I absolutely had to realise. It’s exciting when you find the thing you’re passionate about!

about me.jpg

So then... 

All that passion and excitement turned into You by Katie, my vision brought to life. You by Katie is a personal design experience: you’ll work with me and me only (otherwise I’d call it You by Katie and some subcontractors, and I really like my name as it is). 

I’ll treat your hopes and dreams with as much care as my own; I know how important they are. We’ll have the same aim: to give your business a visual presence that is irresistible to others. I am great at what I do. You are in good hands.

So, that’s me: the Katie of You by Katie! And it’s your goals I’m here to support now. Let’s get you noticed!

I look forward to becoming a faithful companion on your journey to success!