Katie Emslie is the founder and head creator - she is passionate about discovering hidden gems and bringing  out the potential of all things: people, businesses, homes, and life. 

I see the hidden beauty in everything and I can’t control the impulse to bring that potential to life.

There is so much that is capable of being or becoming and it’s my goal to help others realize that too.
— Katie Emslie

I am passionate bringing people's dreams to life, watching the spark light up in their eyes when they talk about their ideas, and then making those ideas come to life by giving them a platform to stand on.


If your business has outgrown its current branding and you're ready for an evolution to the next step...

jump onto a quick consult with Katie. She will ask you a few questions to gauge where you are in your journey and if your next step will be best supported by us!

By the way: the consult is totally free, we just want to hear a bit more about you and how we may be able to help!

Please note: this spots are only open 2 times per week. The purpose of this call is to get a better understanding of your business and to see if we think we  will work well together!

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Other Inquiries:
If you would like to contact You by Katie regarding interviews, collaborations, guest featuring or any other inquiry, please email hello@youbykatie.com.

Unfortunately, we can't take on every project or collaboration that comes our way. We wish we could! But in order to give our clients undivided creativity and deep holistic solutions we are only able to take on limited number of projects & collaborations each year. If you think we would work well together, go ahead and drop us a line!